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ABU DBS 2015: Focus on Future Technology and Digitisation

Mobile Technology forecast, Digital Archiving and Digital Radio were on today’s agenda of ABU DBS 2015 at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Kush Kundi from Erisson focused his presentation on the technological development from  DVB – T2 to what TV services will be delivering in the coming decade. Talking about  LTE Broadcasting (e MBMS) concerning mainly mobile technology, he predicted that by 2020, global traffic would increase by 40 percent and there would a massive jump in video traffic by about 55 percent.

Media Guru, stressed on the importance of archives digitisation not only to protect legacy content but also to be profitable in the long-run. Poonam Sharma and Sushil Khanna informed broadcasters present about their success in this endeavour in two big organisations in India like Doordarshan and Times Group as well as in Qatar .

The afternoon sessions focused on the digitisation of radio during  a workshop, organised by WorldDMB. Bernie O’Neill, Joan Warner and Lindsay Cornell talked about the continued growth of DAB+ around the world. Broadcasters from the Asia-Pacific informed delegates present about the current development concerning digital radio in their respective countries.

The DBS 2015 will be officially opened tomorrow morning at 1100 hours by the  Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia of Malaysia , YB Dato’ Jailani Johari. Earlier the welcome address will be delivered by the ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi  followed by the industry keynote address by Joan Warner, Chair of WorldDMB, Asia Pacific Committee.