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Promoting Asian Identity: ABU-MIC 1Asia Initiative attracts Eight Co-produced Programs Celebrating Unity between Japan and Asia

During the Malaysian-Japan Content Fair 2015 held on 9 March 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, it was announced that the 1Asia 2014 initiative, a joint collaboration between the ABU and the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has successfully ended on a high note with the premiere of eight co-productions broadcast across Asian terrestrial broadcasters and worldwide broadcast websites last February.

The eight ABU member countries participating this year include Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam. ABU broadcasters work with producers and broadcasters across Japan to film on location in extraordinary places including Osaka, Nara, Niigata, Hokaido, Miyagi and Nagano. The programs are produced with the idea of allowing co-directors to work together to create a programme that is both authentic and appealing to local Asian audiences.

In his speech, the Japanese Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination for International Affairs, Mr Yasuo Sakamoto said that such initiative aims at developing friendship and understanding between Japan and Malaysia and also among all Asian countries.

Dr Javad Mottaghi, ABU Secretary General talked about the exceptional relationship between MIC and ABU and thanked RTM for its contribution in this initiative. He hoped that all ABU members could benefit a lot from the co-productions.