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Singapore: Government allots $180m for Public Service Broadcast

The Singapore government will invest $180 million (S$250 million) in Public Service Broadcast (PSB) programmes every year for the next five years, according to Channel News Asia.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by the country’s Second Minister for Communications and Information, Lawrence Wong.

This budget marks a significant rise from the $140 million (S$195 million) spent every year on PSB for the past three years.

According to Wong, PSB programmes ‘reflect and shape” culture and identity, and connect people within Singapore’s diverse population.

He said that the government will support the country’s largest broadcaster, MediaCorp, in enhancing ‘Toggle’ – its online service for entertainment, information and all local PSB programmes.

He added that the benefits of increased funding go beyond just programmes and his ministry will also explore opportunities for PSB programmes with other new media partners.