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SVoD in China Nearly 30 million users by 2016

A report by Pyramid Research reveals that Subscription video on demand (SVod) will rise to 28.3 million users in China in 2016, as OTT players secure exclusive rights to paid sports content such as English Premier League.

The report shows that SVoD services will generate over US$1.2 billion in 2016, accounting for 6% of overall pay TV revenue. This development goes hand in hand with FTTH/B connections nearly doubling from 66 million in 2014 to 117 million in 2016. According to Pyramid Research, the main appeals of OTT video services in China are: exclusive access to a wide range of content, including premium sports; real-time interaction during popular sports games; multi-screen access and OTT subscriptions at similar rates to basic cable TV fees which urban TV viewers pay to watch FTA channels.