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ABU News Group Meeting 2015 Gets Underway in Sendai

The heads of news and senior journalists of Asiavision members have gathered in Sendai, Japan for the ABU News Group Meeting 2015. Close to 50 delegates attended the meeting which is hosted by NHK.

The Managing Director of NHK Mr Koki Morinaga gave the congratulatory address and the News Group chairman Mr Joao Francisco Pinto the opening remarks.

The News Group meeting was a platform to review and plan the future direction of the Asiavision operations. Asiavision is the daily TV news exchange programme run by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

The meeting, held on 14 March, also saw three new Asiavision members making their introductions – EMTV of Papua New Guinea, TVTM of Turkmenistan and MTRK of Uzbekistan.