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TBC Tonga: ABU Digital Broadcasting Workshop

ABU conducted a week long training and workshop for the staff of Tonga Broadcasting Corporation on the implementation of the digitalisation of its broadcast operations, especially terrestrial transmission of television services.

The Technology Director of the ABU, Dr Amal Punchihewa, who is also the trainer  says that in-house event in the studio of TBC creates a conducive environment to impart both basic and fundamental knowledge as well as practical knowledge in digital radio and television broadcasting, their latest technologies and trends.

The workshop addressed a wide range of topics including concept of audio and video signals, Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analogue conversion, Encoding and Decoding – compression, Audio compression – concepts and principles. 

The 22 participants were also informed about the latest development and challenges concerning IPTV, OTT, Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting standards, HDTV and UHDTV and DTT.