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The latest 8K content and equipment displayed at NAB2015

NHK-Japan is planning to commence test 8K (Super Hi-Vision) broadcasting in 2016 and achieve the widespread use of 8K in 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, in line with Japan’s present road map for 4K and 8K. The development of both 8K content and equipment is now accelerating towards these goals.

NHK-Japan will exhibit the latest 8K content and equipment from 13 to 16 April 2015  at NAB2015, Las Vegas, USA . NAB 2015 is the world’s biggest exhibition of broadcasting equipment. The NHK booth will feature a 350-inch 8K theatre where visitors from all over the world can experience the amazing visual and aural immediacy of the ultrahigh definition 8K images and 22.2-multichannel three-dimensional (3D) sound. The technologies on display will include more practical 8K production equipment, the latest 8K display and a new multiplex system for 8K broadcasting.