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CCTV-6 teams up with Heyi Pictures

CCTV – 6, the national channel for movies in China is among six  cross screen players and two intellectual property (IP) providers which have signed a partnership deal with Heyi Pictures for movie productions and distribution.

Heyi Pictures will develop Mopian’s IPs into movies and the key titles include Unlimited Terror, A Tale of the Dragon and Snake and Yang God. Readers Publishing and Media will provide titles from its expansive library which include over 300 literary titles. Heyi Pictures, BlueVision and Readers will be complementary in brand, platform, creative process, operation and channel and will work together to incubate popular IPs from Readers.

The collaboration between Heyi Pictures and CCTV-6 and the other partners aims  to create the optimal distribution capability for movies to interface across multi-screen audiences.

According to a press statement, this deal enables Heyi to bring quality IPs from across domains to movie industry, expand the IP incubation process with capable partners, advance Heyi’s movie making capabilities and increase joint audience base and monetisation opportunities.