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VTV5 – Vietnam embraces High Definition

VTV5 is a dedicated channel that caters to 54 ethnic dialects across Vietnam. Like VTV, it has embraced High Definition (HD), but having a large viewership based in rural parts of Vietnam means that it still has to offer Standard Definition programming.

This has not stopped VTV5 from investing in the future. While it continues to invest in HD technology, one area that has seen a significant investment is VTV5’s Outside Broadcast (OB) infrastructure.

To reach its diverse audience, VTV5 operates very much like a mobile broadcast unit. In fact, in just two years VTV5 has increased its fleet of OB vehicles. With its latest acquisition of 2 new OB vehicles to be added this year, it will have a total of 8 OB vehicles.

The main objective of the channel is to deliver content fast, no matter where the location.