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Metro TV Indonesia Channels Upgraded

Metro TV in Indonesia added two more channels to its network and migrated from  SD to HD. This development at Metro TV, the first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta was made with the help of locally-based SI Magna Systems and Engineering. The station, established in 2000, now has over 53 transmission sites all over Indonesia and focuses on news and current affairs from around the world

Magna Systems and Engineering Indonesia Sales Manager, Awan Setiawan, said that, “Magna Systems were able to fulfil Metro TV’s requirements by offering an integrated solution which we were able to monitor centrally using Axon Cerebrum software. This software also monitored all the signal paths from original source to transmission. In total we delivered a system that can be monitored end to end, enabling the operators to swiftly and easily correct any problem that arises.”

The evaluation and assessment for the upgrade took twelve months, which according to Awan Setiawan is testament to the thoroughness of the process and its ability to be future proofed.