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NHK to Host in Tokyo INPUT 2015, an International Public Television Conference

From Monday, 11th to Thursday, 14th May, NHK will welcome delegates from the public broadcasting organisations of about 50 countries and regions to INPUT 2015, the global conference of public television services. This is the first time in INPUT’s 39-year history for the conference to be hosted to Japan.

Public broadcasters will have the opportunity to address their shared theme of what content needs to be broadcast in order for public broadcasting to survive. It is an international conference for viewing and discussing their programs and learning production techniques from each other.

The programs will comprise of 24 sessions and will be divided into 5 categories – Cross Media, Children and Youth, Factual Programs, Tailor-Made for INPUT and Live Television.

A special corner will be set up for the world’s producers to experience the latest broadcasting technologies, including the high definition camera systems and future ways to enjoy TV. There will be screenings in 8K.