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World’s First Public Presentation of 8K Super Hi-Vision) Satellite Broadcasting Experiment!

This year’s NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories Open House will present the latest research achievements to the public for four days from May 28 to 31. The world’s first public presentation of the satellite broadcasting experiment is one of its highlights. Anticipating the start of test 8K broadcasting in 2016, 8K signals transmitted from the NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya via the broadcasting satellite currently used for BS satellite broadcasts will be received in 8K at the venue of upcoming STRL Open House.

Video coding equipment (the next-generation HEVC*2) compresses 72Gbps 8K signals to 85Mbps for decoding on a newly developed real-time decoding device. The system uses an MMT*3 with coding and decoding functions for 22.2-multichannel sound system for use with MPEG-4 AAC*4 to perform the combined, multiplex transmission of video and sound with satellite transmission modulation at the high transmission efficiency of 16APSK*5 to transmit at roughly 100Mbps. By incorporating technical elements for the realisation of 8K broadcasting, this public demonstration will enable visitors to gain the advance experience of next year’s test 8K broadcasts.