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ABU facilitated human capacity building for Forever Group staff in Myanmar

Twenty four trainees from IT, new media and broadcasting departments of Forever Group benefitted from the capacity building event held from 11th to 16th May 2015 in Yangon. They were exposed to wide range of topics, including Integrated Broadcast Broadband (IBB), Over-the-top (OTT) and IPTV, understanding the principles of operations, planning and implementation issues of such digital broadcasting services.

Due to the rapid changes taking place in the media and telecommunication industries, and the convergence in technology, infrastructure and services, it is of paramount importance for  young technological  staff  to be aware of the challenges ahead.  Broadcasting has to compete with mobile operators and telecommunication service providers. They are commencing media services as bundled services and increasing penetration of IPTV.

Dr Amal Punchihewa, the Director of Technology at ABU, who is also the trainer  said that in-house event at MMDC, the training centre of Forever group, provided a conducive environment to impart both basic and fundamental knowledge as well as practical knowledge in IT, networking, digital radio and television broadcasting, their latest technologies and trends..

Ms Su Mon Htwe, Head of training and Manager of MMDC of Forever group thanked the ABU for enabling such human capacity building event in a demanding area.