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High Expectation for ROBOCON 2015 in Indonesia

Preparations are in full swing in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for the ABU Robocon 2015 to be held there on August 23. Mr Yoshihito Kuroiwa, ABU Robocon Deputy Secretariat-Chief Executive Producer at NHK-Japan and his team had a meeting last week with TVRI-Indonesia and the Contest Committee members.

Various issues were discussed concerning overall contest management and run of the competition which were all well prepared by TVRI in advance. The committee will meet again in June to confirm the day-to-day schedule of the participants and finalize every little details of the contest.

The contest theme this year is ‘ROBOMINTON’ and as at now 19 teams from 18 countries have confirmed their participation. Hosted by the Indonesian public broadcaster, the contest will take place on Sunday 23 August 2015 at the Muhammadiyah University in Yogyakarta and will be broadcast Live on TVRI.