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ABU Members to participate in PBI 2015 Conference in Germany

ABU members such as KBS, NHK, RTM and TDM are expected to participate in the upcoming Public Broadcasters International (PBI) Conference to be held this September in Munich, Germany.

Mr Toshiyuki Sato Special Controller, NHK International Inc. is the Secretary-General of PBI which was established in 1991 by the Japanese national broadcaster, TV Ontario –Canada and other major public broadcasters in the world. The main objective of the association is to exchange views and experiences accumulated through the experiences of public service broadcasters. Each year about 150 members of 30 to 50 major public broadcasters attend the annual conference. Networking top managements and connecting professionals of world broadcasters are the greatest opportunities that PBI can offer.

For the last 25 years, ABU members hosted six PBIs: RTM (1996), RTHK (2002), TDM (2004), KBS (2007), NHK (2009) and MediaCorp (2011). Mr Toshiyuki Sato was elected as the fourth Secretary-General of the organization (first from Asia- Pacific region) in the Steering Committee meeting in December last year in Rio de Janeiro as a successor of Mr. Charles Greber of former France Television for the term of three years.

The PBI next year will be held in Montreal, Canada hosted by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in September. RTM Malaysia will host the conference in 2017.