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TVB – Hong Kong Invests in New Technology

Since October 2014 TVB is still investing heavily in new technology to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. It has recently acquired 20 units of Sony HDC-2000 3G double-speed multi-format cameras to improve its variety shows. It also invested in 9 units of HDC-2400 multi-format camera for its drama studio productions.

TVB, a commercial TV station in Hong Kong is one of the largest producers of Chinese language programming in the world. Many of its programmes are dubbed into other languages and distributed worldwide including Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America accessible to over 300 million households.

In Hong Kong, TVB has 5 free-to- air digital channels and also operates a pay-TV service. In 2007, TVB introduced High Definition to its viewers in Hong Kong. And in 2012, it embarked on a newsroom transformation to a file-based workflow. The file-based workflow is critical not just to get content on air quickly and efficiently, but vital for TVB to help it stay abreast with the rapid developments in the broadcast industry.