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World Broadcasting Unions Technical Committee (WBU-TC) meetings discussed Strategies for WRC-15 Spectrum Issues

ABU, through the Technology Director, Dr Amal Punchihewa, informed members of the WBU-TC that the Union will carry out two surveys to ascertain the needs of early warning signalling and broadcasting in next generation broadcast technologies and character sets for the digital radio.

The executive members of the technical committee of the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU-TC) met in Krakow, Poland prior to the European Union Broadcasting Technical Assembly (EBU-TA). WBU-TC comprises Technical Directors of eight broadcasting Unions and the Chairmen of technical bodies of the eight unions.

The meeting reviewed the progress of current projects undertaken by WBU-TC and prioritised work for the coming year. 

The critical issues for the individual unions were shared and it was decided to work in number of areas in which all unions finds it relevant and is of high priority.

Human capacity building was discussed as a critical issue that is common to all unions among spectrum, technology migrations and digitalisation. It was decided to share possible resources and mechanisms in collaboration with IEEE-BTS, IABM, SMPTE and media training institutions such as AIBD and Eurovision academy.

It was decided to explore all possible opportunities to create awareness and concerns known to regulators on spectrum requirements for future broadcasting. In upcoming events including APG meeting in Seoul, IBC in Amsterdam and just prior to WRC-15 in Geneva opportunities will be used by all Unions to further reinforce the work that unions have been carrying out individually and collectively at WBU-TC heading to November WRC-15 meetings.