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Winners Chosen at Grand Prix Nova International Radio Drama Festival

Radio Romania released the list of winners of the 3rd Grand Prix Nova International Radio Drama Festival held during the first week of June. Czech Radio won the Gold award for the drama PESCHO directed by Petr Mančal and written by Marek Epstein.

Radio Drama entries were received from 50 producers in 28 countries for this Festival which flagged off on June 1 in Bucharest. The six-day Festival, organised by Radio Romania, took place under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess, Margarita of Romania. An enhanced number of radio drama entries were received this year from radio production creators including from three new participants in Malaysia, Myanmar and New Zealand.

The Grand Prix Nova Festival is unique given that the entries were received from countries in the West and the East. What is unique is that the creative approach and the production style employed were distinctly different in entries from different regions. In that way, Grand Prix Nova was a bridge between the radio dramas in the East and the West.

Covering a wide range of themes which included emotional values that people have, reality of life, people’s aspirations and hopes, and futuristic themes, these exhibit the challenges and opportunities of radio drama and the core-strength of the Grand Prix Nova.

The five members of the jury comprised Mr Reto Ott, Board member of the EBU Radio Drama Group, Ms Vijay Sadhu, ABU’s Senior Executive Radio Programming, Mr Silvain Gire, Editor-in-chief, ARTE Radio, Mr Eberhard Petschinka, Radio plays author, producer and painter, and Mr Mihai Lungeanu, Artistic Director of Radio Romania Theatre Department.

On conclusion, the jury voted for top 5 entries in two categories, Radio Drama and Short Form. From this, 3 winners were chosen for each of the two categories by vote debate. The

Silver award went to TO MOSCOW! from Radio Russia / Radio Kultura, written and directed by David Zane Mairowitz. Deutschlandradio won the Bronze award for the drama DRY HAZE–THE YEAR WITHOUT A SUMMER written and directed by Werner Cee.

The Top 5 winners are France Culture for THE HEADLESS SOLDIER / BACK TO THE FUTURE, ARTE Radio for YES and for the Short Forms, the Gold Award went to CALL OF DATING by WireTap from CBC Radio.  THE MOTHER by Radio Romania won the Silver award and METRO. AUDITORY by HALLUCINATIONS by Radio Russia got the Bronze award.