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ABU DOC 2015: KBS documentary on Korean migration to Russia chosen

ABU DOC, ABU Documentary Screening & Exchange Meeting is a unique platform to exchange documentaries and share the experience and expertise in documentary making among ABU members.

This year’s meeting was held from 16 to 17 June in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Moderated by Mr Ken-ichi Imamura, Executive Producer from NHK Enterprises and Ms Jaya Mahajan, an independent producer, 11 documentaries from this region were screened during the two days’ meeting. At the end of the meeting, popularity vote was held among the participating producers and Kareisky 150:150th Anniversary of Korean Migration to Russia by KBS, Korea, got the Producers’ Choice.

Participating organisations were: BTV-Bangladesh, KBS-Korea, MediaCorp-Singapore, NBT-Thailand, NHK-Japan, RTB-Brunei, RTM-Malaysia, SLRC-Sri Lanka, TRT-Turkey, TV3- Malaysia and VTV-Vietnam.