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ABU teams up with Radio Romania for Media 2020 Conference to be kicked off on June 30

ABU is actively collaborating with its member Radio Romania for the Media 2020 Conference  with the theme “ Bringing media to the Future” to be held in Bucharest from 30 June to 1 July 2015. Eminent media professionals of Asia and Europe will meet for a high-level conference which will focus on how media and specially the radio industry will evolve during the next five years.

It will be an opportunity for participants to observe how media broadcasters both in the Asia-Pacific and Europe are addressing the substantive transformations currently underway in the media industry and what will be the next future challenges.  The Bucharest conference organised for the first time by ABU and Radio Romania will enable participants to analyse and foresee the development of their respective media industry.

The one and a half day conference will consist of various sessions with a diverse range of topics already identified to the satisfaction of participants. These include: Media landscape of 2020 – Trends in Media Development; Engaging 2020 Radio Audiences through Good Music; Radio Drama; Looking at UHDTV Production in 2020 and Media For Children.