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Big Audience for 28th SEA Games on MediaCorp’s multiple platforms

MediaCorp provided the largest sporting event coverage in the history of Singapore broadcasting. Its 400 member crew produced and broadcast over 800 hours of live sporting action in High Definition, which was watched by record viewers over the two weeks of the 28th Southeast Asian Games.

Overall viewership for the entire telecast of the Games on okto, Channel 5 and Channel U reached 3.3 million viewers or 64 percent of the people aged 4 years and above in Singapore. The Opening and Closing ceremonies attracted over two million viewers on okto and Channel 5. Viewers who tuned in to the Daily Highlights show, Today At the Games on okto and Channel 5 exceeded 1.5 million.

Toggle, MediaCorp’s over-the-top internet video service offering 12 ‘live’ streams and catch-up videos, saw an overall increase in traffic of 21 percent. Social media engagements on okto and Toggle’s Facebook and Twitter exceeded 1.3 million.TV, Print and Radio Newsrooms posted over 1,000 tweets, 700 Facebook updates and 500 videoAll in, MediaCorp’s online content reached users more than 80 million times.