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Media 2020 Conference: Interactive Multi-screen Experience in 2020

Interactivity is a relatively new feature in the broadcasting arena with the access to multiple screens that the consumers use for consuming multimedia content.

Steve Ahern, CEO for International Media & Broadcasting Academy, Australia said that he thinks it is important  to notice  that audiences are diverging in their use of technology. “At the same time we are getting some segments of audience waiting to use technology and consume our content at a high end, 4K, 8K, surround, all the fantastic quality programme that we had but simultaneously they want to consume our content at the low end. They want it to be portable, to have ear buds, so technology is being used in multiple ways.”

Kudsia Kahar, Chief Operating Officer of Star Radio Group said the magic formula for the future media will be smaller, faster, cheaper and social. Radio needs a multiscreen to develop.