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Media 2020 Conference – Radio Drama

Only a selected few broadcasters, including public service broadcasters, actually offer radio drama to the audience. To make this industry more effective, and to differentiate it with other providers of music, broadcasters need to embrace radio drama.

Attila Vizauer,  Editor in Chief, Radio Drama Department, Radio Romania said there is no famous Romanian actor who did not perform for the radio drama. In his opinion, short audio shows, may attract young listeners and made them ask for more. Kivanc Nalca, Producer, Radio Istanbul, Turkey, said radio drama has been defined as theater for the blind, due to the lack visual material. In Turkey a lot of disabled people listen to the radio drama. Also, Kurt Reissenegger, Head of Radio Drama Department-Radio Osterreich 1(cultural channel), underlined that radio drama can do everything, but it does not. He believes that radio drama is isolated, produced in different places and it does not have any connection with the team.