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Media 2020 Conference: Cooperation strengthened between East and West

”Bringing media to the future” was the main theme of the two-day Media 2020 conference (30 June-1 July) organised jointly in Bucharest by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and Radio România.

In his opening speech, President Director-General Radio Romania Ovidiu Miculescu said that this remarkable meeting has brought together key representatives from Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, on a timely topic of common interest that is the fast- changing media landscape. By the year 2020, broadcasting is expected to undergo major transformations- radio and TV content consumption on mobile phones, the Internet and hybrid platforms. We need to be proactive in recognizing the challenges that we face everyday and we need to exchange information and share experience, he added.

The Secretary-General of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Dr Javad Mottaghi stated “we are here to partner; we are here to enhance our partnership with East and West; we are here to promote dialogue. We are here to listen to each other, to learn from each other and to exchange experience that we have in our countries and in our regions. We are here to listen to the challenges we may face within our countries and regions and see how best we can challenges to opportunities. We are here to promote new initiatives, new projects, co-production, partnership that could bridge the gap between East and West”.

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said that “media is often called the watchdog of democracy and in the present geopolitical  context especially in our close neighbourhood, it is crucial that the press is aware of the important role it has to play in promoting peace and harmony. We count on you to carry on this mission by protecting and fighting for the human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as for the principles and norms of international law”.

The Conference saw the participation of media experts and broadcasting professionals from Europe and Asia who expressed their views on key topics such as Media Development in 2020 and beyond, latest broadcasting technologies, Managing Content and Citizen Journalism.