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Media 2020 Conference: Managing and Distributing Content in 2020 Markets – European and Asian Perspectives

The European and Asian media markets have some common features and at the same time much dissimilarity. Managing and distributing content in these markets is quite challenging as of now.

John Maguire, Director, International Relations and Cooperation, France Medias Monde said that another aspect of the mobile revolution is that users are increasingly consuming media products on smart phones and on tablets. This begs the question about who will control the flow of information on the internet. These are already serious issues. Many government regulators are already exploring legislation to control the Internet often under the pretext of security and terrorism and pornography.

Giacomo Ghisani, Head of International Relations and Legal Affairs, Radio Vaticana said that his organisation admits that people have diverse spiritual needs and these are reflected in their programmes. People of all nationalities are working at Radio Vatican, which broadcasts on various platforms.

Vijayalaxmi Chhabra, former Director-General of Doordashan India said that she does not think that television will disappear because the concept of family is very important in India and parents and children will watch together TV programs.