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Media 2020 Conference: Paradigm Shift in TV Programming and Global Audience

The digital technology in media and broadcasting has opened up a variety of ways in which digital multimedia content can be distributed and provided to the consumers. Michael Lally, Head of the Irish-language News Service at Ireland National Public Service Media pointed out that it is not just the technology at home. “It is not just the technology of the content provider and there is the word again, content, content. Because I do not believe that we are radio anymore, I do not believe that we are television on line or social media, we are content providers working across several platforms.” He added.

According to Gerard Schuiteman, Managing Director, International Cooperative for Research and Action on the Field of Communication Executive Committee and National Coordinator for the Netherlands, social media did not exist in 2007 and nowadays social media exceeds the impact of television seven times. The new trend is to be “shareaholic”.

At the end of the Conference, Javad Mottaghi, ABU Secretary- said that” we broadcasters, are citizens of the world, therefore responsible for the audiences in our countries”. 

Ovidiu Miculescu, President Director General Radio Romania thanked all the participants who he considered partners and friends, adding that the debates were very interesting and they have opened new doors. 

He announced that the next suchlike event would be hosted by China in  2016 , and a year later, in 2017, Romania would  again play venue for a similar event, when Google and Netflix representatives are to be invited.