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Media 2020 Conference: Radio Romania PDG, Mr Miculescu said that his organisation is a high performance partner of ABU

Ovidiu Miculescu, Radio Romania President and Director General said that the Media 2020 conference has been very useful for all Romanian listeners. He also commented on the close relations between Radio Romania and the ABU. “First of all, ABU is the largest and strongest media organization in the world. Our presence there represents more than Radio Romania, it represents Romania, which is a very important thing. The exposure that Romania has in this extremely strong and serious organization brings the name Romania to the attention of a few thousand broadcasters who multiply the messages we convey.”

Mr  Miculescu added that “for example, last year we had the National Radio Orchestra tour in Kuala Lumpur, when one of Romania’s outstanding cultural achievements was conveyed to over a billion people on TV or through on-line platforms. Secondly, Asia brings to us an extraordinary expertise in terms of technological and content adaptation in today’s media, because it is extremely technologically developed. At the same time, Asia means a world where money from all over the globe gathers, because I believe that right now finances are concentrated in that part of the world, and we can all see that even large European and American corporations invest there.”

The President and Director General of Radio Romania concluded that right now and over the following years, Asia will be an extremely important terrain for Romanian presence, and Radio Romania stepped in with head held high. “We are an extremely serious partner, a high performance partner, an active member, and even if we have been in ABU for only a couple of years, we are a highly respected member”.