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KBS – Korea chooses latest technology for studio equipment

Korean national broadcaster KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) is modernising all its news and production equipment, thus going completely digital. The station has already upgraded its master control room with 16 Lawo Nova17 MkII routing systems and VisTool workplaces for visualisation and control.

For the broadcaster’s news studio and a new OB truck, KBS decided on two mc²66 digital audio consoles equipped with latest RAVENNA/AES67 Audio-over-IP interfaces. While the news studio has been on-air since the beginning of 2015, the OB installation will be concluded by August 2015. Soundfox International, Lawo’s partner in Korea for Broadcast Audio & Video, is overseeing all of these KBS installations.

Ho Gun Lee, KBS News Director, states, “The new system is very stable and easy-to-use. Another feature is the simple and fast routing via the console, and errors can be monitored and analysed by the real-time display of the current status of the whole system through the central main screen. In addition, errors are saved in the log file, which is convenient for maintenance control.”