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SBS – Korea teams up with China in Reality Shows production

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has partnered with Chinese direct-to-home operator, Anhui Television and Chinese producer and distributor, IPCN to produce two different reality shows.

SBS and Anhui TV will co-produce a Chinese version of a reality-documentary show, The Law of the Jungle. “We will put our best producers and staff on the Chinese version of ‘The Law of the Jungle,’ build an efficient production system, so it can serve as a new success model for content exchange between South Korea and China,” said SBS.

IPCN will produce a third season of the reality TV show, Supernanny which originated in the United Kingdom, about parents struggling with their children’s behaviour. Supernanny’s first two seasons were originally aired on CCTV2.

According to Rebecca Yang, CEO of IPCN, the Supernanny show has built such a loyal fan base amongst young parents born in 1980s, the days of China’s one-child family planning policy. Now the policy has been relaxed and young parents are facing unfamiliar challenges raising multiple children of their own. The show delivers consistently impressive ratings and has also recently been officially recognized by the Chinese Radio and Television Association as amongst China’s most socially influential TV shows.