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12th Series of ABU Children’s Drama Co-Production

The 2nd Producers’ Meeting took place from 1-3 July 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. Participating member countries were RTM-Malaysia, RTB-Brunei, IRIB-Iran, NHK-Japan and BTV-Bangladesh. Others from TVRI-Indonesia, SLRC-Sri Lanka, THAIPBS-Thailand, RTHK-Hong Kong and MNB-Mongolia joined the meeting via SKYPE, while EBS-Korea’s was away on filming.

The meeting started with the opening remarks made Live by ABU Programme Director, Mr Tatsuhiro Beniko from Bucharest on SKYPE. According to Mr Beniko, it’s very important for producers to take the opportunity in enhancing their respective scripts and finalise their production schedule with their Executive Producer, Mr Yoichiro Takahashi from NHK, in raising the profile of the Series.

Mr Takahashi listened to the participating producers who presented their restructured script and the main ideas behind their production. This session became very interactive when the producers were invited to comment on their colleagues’ work. Nine works of European Broadcasting Union (EBU) colleagues with a theme, MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE were then screened and commented by the participants. ABU and EBU have been actively exchanging their children dramas since 2004.

During the discussions, it was unanimously agreed that coming from diversified cultural background, producers should pay attention in avoiding sensitive issues in their colleagues’ countries. Meanwhile, Mr Takahashi looks forward to his trips to two selected participating countries in November, to assist the producers during filming and post production.