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SAPPRFT – China approves foreign TV series

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) in China has approved foreign video content under the new 2015 regulations for streaming foreign TV series and movies. Video sites should obtain a screening or distribution license for each foreign TV shows or films, a decision taken last year by SAPPRFT.

Youku Tudou, one of China’s biggest video sites, has the right now to propose to its users the first episode of a Korean drama series, ‘Hyde, Jekyll, and Me’ with one new episode made available each alternate days.

The company reports to have 185 million unique visitors per month and over 11.5 billion cumulative video views for Korean content in China for 2014, as per its internal data.

Youku Tudou will further enhance its content offerings with the inclusion of TV series from the United States, Korea and Hong Kong as well as its own in-house productions.