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MediaCorp selects eight innovative start-ups for its Mediapreneur incubator

Singapore media company MediaCorp has just announced the selection of eight innovative start-ups for the Mediapreneur, its incubator programme to nurture high potential technology companies for the media industry.The Mediapreneur provides start-ups with seed funding, intellectual property, mentoring, a conducive working environment and networking opportunities to charge their growth and development into successful innovation companies.

The selected start-ups are:

  1. Infini Videos, which provides a fast and inexpensive application for video professionals to edit and publish mobile-oriented interactive videos
  2. Nomster, offering a fun mobile gaming and food application that redefines customer engagement for F&B outlets  
  3. Spotted!, which puts a creative spin on gaming to counter the lack of customer attention and engagement in traditional advertisements
  4. Singapore Volaire, providing a mobile platform for merchants selling perishable products to offer special deals to potential customers in close proximity, quickly and effectively
  5. Voice2Choice, delivering a revolutionary technology that produces synthesised voice that is personalised using the vocal characteristics of individual speakers  
  6. eOasia, presenting an online booking platform offering unique personalised travel experiences in Asia to travellers looking beyond traditional holiday tours  
  7. Tapi Data Solutions, developing a novel e-receipt technology which improves checkout efficiency at the point-of-sale while allowing retailers to gather valuable customer insights
  8. Muuyu, offering a novel solution that connects teachers and students online in real-time across the world for interactive wellness classes

These start-ups were selected from a strong pool of 80 applicants. On the selection criteria, Dr Francis Yeoh, Executive Director of the Mediapreneur programme, said, “A combination of business acumen, technical skills and importantly, the ability to deliver were key determinants in our decisions, but we also paid a lot of attention to the drive, determination and hunger for success that each team demonstrated.”

Start-ups who are interested to find out more about the programme should visit