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Sharing ideas and experiences in radio children programming

A 3-day ABU workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur from 28-30 July 2015 where radio producers and presenters from nine member countries discussed various aspects of radio content for children.

The workshop conducted by Steve Ahern,  a media consultant and trainer from Australia  examined topics related to children programming such as storytelling, quiz ,drama production, social media content and healthy lifestyle programmes. The main theme of the workshop was “Radio Children Programming Formats and Multi-platform content Creation”. The objective was to extract models and formats from the participants’ ideas and experiences that could be adapted for each broadcaster in their own language.

Participants were unanimous about the fact that children’s programmes need lots of skills and should always be creative and innovative according to different stages of childhood.
The 20 participants who attended the workshop brought with them a sample programme from their radio station which they shared among colleagues. Participating countries were: Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Malaysia.