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DAB+ figures released for Commercial Radio Australia

Australia has released the first, ever, public audience research into DAB+ radio listening in Australia’s capital cities.

Australian DAB+ radio launched in 2009. DAB+ coverage is available across selected capital cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In these areas, the  research reveals that 24.1% of adults listen to DAB+ every week and 73% of that listening is to simulcast radio stations that are also available on AM/FM; so just over a quarter is listening to brand new radio stations. In total, listeners tune in to DAB+ for 10 hours 15 minutes a week.

The figures are compiled for Commercial Radio Australia, who also report on the most listened-to commercial DAB+-only stations. The two public service broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, also run a bunch of digital-only radio stations.

Twenty seven vehicle manufacturers in Australia are now including DAB+ digital radio and 276,822 vehicles with DAB+ have been sold.