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The Concert I am Korea Fanfares the 70th Anniversary of Independence

More than 70,000 people were present at Sang-am World-Cup Stadium in Seoul to attend the concert I am Korea. Highly inspiring for the nation and the attendees, the concert was broadcast live on television on August 15 on KBS TV 1 and KBS TV 2. This date marks the day Korea was liberated from the Japanese colonial rule 70 years ago.

The show nicknamed ‘Korea Sings’ featured three choral groups: The Children of 1945’s Chorus, Yuna’s Chorus, and Morning Chorus. The groups were composed of a variety of citizens that auditioned not only to be a part of the I am Korea concert, but also to be part of a show, also titled I am Korea, that aired on KBS1 over the summer leading up to this final concert. The Children of 1945’s Chorus consisted of members around 70 years young, who sang “Road to the Orchard”, “Remembering My Brother”, and “Live Your Life”. These songs blended tenderness and love for Korea to create a harmony that celebrates all the incredible achievements the country has made since their independence.

President Park Geun-hye appeared on stage after the Children of 1945’s Chorus performance and congratulated the participants and the nation before she joined the chorus and sang, with the entire stadium, “Longing for Reunification”, which created a moment of togetherness filled with hope for a unified Korea. The show continued with influential and acclaimed entertainers like Lee Sung-chul, Lee Sun-hee, g.o.d., and EXO, making this event one of the best displays of K-Pop this year.

In addition to the concert, KBS is also preparing additional special programs to celebrate and emphasize the historical significance of the 70th anniversary such as; Eurasia in the Next 100 Years, a documentary about railway systems that involve geopolitics of Russia, China and Japan; and 100 Years of the Korean Economy, which will examine the economic development of Korea from the viewpoint of distinguished scholars. These combined efforts exemplify the broadcast policy that KBS established earlier this year, which states “70 years of independence, 30 bright years ahead, 100 dynamic years”.

KBS was honored to take the initiative to host such a meaningful and relevant event for Korea. As the nation’s top public broadcaster KBS thrives on its responsibility to provide entertaining events that illuminate the fact that at our core is the audience.