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Commercial Radio Australia Welcomes Government Response to Spectrum Review

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has welcomed the Government’s response to the Spectrum Review. The Department of Communications has agreed to go along with recommendations to revamp spectrum allocation and licensing laws in order to bring them in line with modern communications infrastructure.

The federal government has announced that it will begin reforming the legislation, licensing, and pricing of spectrum in Australia, with plans to have the new legislation passed by mid next year.

Ms Joan Warner, CRA’s chief executive, said, “A simpler and more flexible framework will allow for a more efficient and responsive system. It will however be important to consider the pricing of spectrum licences for commercial free-to-air radio broadcasters in the broader context of heavy regulation, local and Australian music content requirements, advertising restrictions and mandatory tags required of radio broadcasters, as well as the key role of radio in emergency situations.”

The Department of Communications reported that during the next 15 years, the economic value of spectrum could contribute up to AU$177 billion to Australia’s economy. Spectrum is a critical input to a networked and digital economy and society since it supports a wide range of services that promote economic growth and enhance social well-being. Its role as an economic driver, and the value it returns to society, is increasing.