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NHK presents the World’s First 85V 8K LCD with HDR

NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster will display an 85V 8K Liquid Crystal Display with HDR (High Dynamic Range) at IBC 2015, the World of Electronic Media and Entertainment Conference & Exhibition to be held this week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

HDR is a technology for expanding the range of brightness that can be shown in TV images. It enables faithful expression of scenes with strong contrast between light and shadow, such as in football coverage, and also those with strong reflection off glass or metal. NHK has developed an HDR system compatible with conventional TV systems in collaboration with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

This path-breaking 8K HDR LCD was developed jointly by NHK and Sharp Corporation to apply the HDR technology to 8K (Super Hi-Vision) TV. The addition of HDR to 8K images will further enhance the appeal of 8K.