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NHK teams up with TV5 Philippines for Japanese series

NHK has sealed an affiliation pact with TV5. The Filipino commercial television network will broadcast a drama series, Amachan and a live-variety show related to Amachan, Hallo Hallo Cafe from October onwards

Amachan is an upbeat drama with moments of comedy about the journey of a high-schooler named Aki and was in 2013. Hallo Hallo Cafe will pilot alongside Amachan as an after-show component. Hallo Hallo Cafe, presented and sponsored by Hallo Hallo Inc and Cool Japan Shop, will feature fun games.

Amachan was licensed into Myanmar and Indonesia. The series will run with a 30-minute episode and will be broadcast from Mondays to Fridays that will be aired in the morning and a replay at night.