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Countdown to ABU Engineering Awards

ABU members from nine countries are in the running for the 2015 ABU Engineering Awards. 

The ABU received 11 nominations for the four awards. 

They are from Brunei, China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Palestine, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award recognises outstanding contributions to broadcast engineering and related disciplines.

The Engineering Industry Excellence Award is given for an outstanding engineering contribution made by an individual in the broadcasting industry in the region.

The Developing Broadcasters’ Excellence Award recognises innovation and excellence by an individual in his or her organisation.

The Green Broadcast Engineering Award is given for outstanding contributions in developing, implementing and promoting green technology in the broadcasting industry.

Two panels of judges have selected the winners. The results will be announced at the ABU Technical Committee meeting in Istanbul on 27 October. The awards will be presented on ABU Prizes night on 30 October.