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ABC Australia to boost its digital network

The Australian Public broadcaster will hire the services of more developers, UX designers and social media strategists as it looks to deliver more news and content to consumers online in the wake of government cuts.

The ABC is searching for some of the country’s best digital talent through a recruitment drive for thirty key roles as it adapts to meet the changing needs of audiences.

ABC’s Digital Network Director Angela Clark said the media landscape has been fundamentally altered in recent years by the rapid uptake of mobile devices, and so has the way Australians engage with the ABC.

“Mobile devices have made digital content a continuous presence in people’s lives and our love of accessing content from the palm of our hand shows no sign of abating. Media habits in particular have dramatically changed with the doubling of smartphone ownership over the past three years, and quite simply: we must serve Australians where they are,” Ms Clark said.

Australians are among the world’s most progressive digital news converts, with 44% now naming online, and another 12% naming social media, as their primary news source, according to the 2015 Reuters Institute Digital News Report.