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TRT claims 4K football first

Turkish Radio and Television Corporation TRT4K Channel is to broadcast a football match in 4K for the first time, breaking new ground in TV broadcast and Turkish football history.

The 4K live production of the Fenerbahçe versus Ajax UEFA Europa League match to be played in Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium on Thursday 22 October 2015, will be made by co-operation of TRT, Turksat, Samsung and Mediapro. This production will be transmitted globally as 4K by means of European Broadcasting Union.

TRT advises that the 4K (UHD) broadcast can be watched as free-to- air on televisions with installed internal receivers that can receive HEVC (H.265) encrypted broadcast, supported by 50 pictures per second (50p), from Turksat 2A satellite with settings 12.123 Mhz frequency, H (horizontal) polarization and 15.000 symbol rate.