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GA 2015: ABU is thinking about new sports events in the Asia-Pacific Region

The 2015 ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings opened this afternoon at Hilton Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation-TRT.

The Sports Group Broadcast Rights Committee and the Sports Finance Committee meetings kicked off the week-long event. Hamid Iraniha of IRIB-Iran was unanimously elected as Chairperson of the Broadcast Rights Committee which comprises also of SLRC-Sri Lanka, ATN-Afghanistan and TVB-Hong Kong.

The new chairperson, the ABU Secretary-General and ABU Sports Director talked about the complexity of rights acquisition, future  events and some new sports events like an indigenous sports competition in the Asia-Pacific region. Other members present joined the discussions.

The Sports Finance Committee meeting has also a new Chairperson with the election of John West from TV New Zealand. The other members of the committee are RTM-Malaysia, TPT-Thailand, CCTV-China, KBS-Korea and MediaCorp-Singapore.

Both Hamid Iraniya and John West have been elected for a term of two years.