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GA 2015: Production of sports events and Transmission service soon

The ABU is planning to offer a new service to its members – the production of some sports events together with the facility for the transmission of these events in the Asia-Pacific region.

The announcement was made this morning by the ABU Sports Director at the Sports Group Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The Union is relying on the participation and support of its members to make this project a reality.

In their opening remarks, Mr Serhat Akca from TRT, Mr Jiang Heping, Chairperson of ABU Sports Group and Dr Javad Mottaghi, ABU Secretary-General talked about the challenges faciong the sports media market. Mr Heping underlined that due to very high licensing fees and technical costs, the ABU is building mutually beneficial relationships between broadcasters and agents. ABU members are unanimously seizing opportunities and meeting challenges ahead.