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GA 2015: ABU will increase investment in programme activities

Speaking at the opening session of the Programme Committee this morning, the ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi announced that there will be more investment in ABU radio and television activities.

It is unanimously agreed that the list of activities undertaken by the Programme Department in 2015 is impressive – 40 activities in one year. Dr Mottaghi expressed his thanks to members for their support in this great achievement.

“The Programme Department is now prepared for the ABU long-term Action Plan (2016-2020) and members should guide and advise the department on the new initiatives, since ABU is a member-oriented organisation.” Dr Mottaghi added.

The Chairperson of the Programme Committee, Mr Jaeheon Song underlined for his part that the ABU remains a good forum to meet challenges. The ABU Programming Director, Mr Beniko Tatsuhiro made an overview of all radio and television activities run during the year 2015 and informed the delegates about some new projects to be implemented next year.

Copyright was one of the main issues discussed at the meeting. Mr Yan Bo, Chairman of the ABU Copyright Committee said that programming is a product and need to be regulated and protected.

The first day of the Programming Committee ended with an interactive session –“Enhancing music programmes with social media”. The workshop was conducted by Mr Ben Williams, Director of Beyond Broadcasting, UK and facilitated by Mr Steve Ahern, MD of Ahern Media, Australia.