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GA 2015: Getting much closer to the young audience with Digital Radio

Radio remains a very stable medium but today it represents new challenges all over the world. The Radio Working Party this morning highlighted not only radio as a means of communication for the global village but also shed light on the importance of content strategies, audience research and the benefits of digital radio.

The meeting started with a presentation by Mr Morat Orem, Director of Radio Ankara, TRT-Turkey. Ms Vijay Sadhu, ABU Head of Radio recalled all the radio activities undertaken during the year 2015 and some of the projects for next year.

Focus was also on digital radio roll-out in many member countries. Mr Alexander Zink from Fraunhofer IIS, Germany said that digital radio is an opportunity to reposition radio in society. Its allows broadcasters to get closer to the young audience and has a unique set of benefits to reach people.

During the second part of the meeting various speakers expressed their views on different aspects of radio broadcasting on multiple platforms. The speakers were Zakiah Halim, Shanti Bhagirathan, Kabul Budiono, Ben Williams, Steve Hern, Cem Temel, Kartini Ariffin and Au Lai Ngar.