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ABU Radio Song Festival 2016

The ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 will be held in Beijing, China on 26 April 2016. To register your interest for participation or to find out more about this event, please download the following documents:
1. Annex 1: Invitation
2. Annex 2: ABU Radio Song Festival
3. ARSF15 Participation Form
4. ARSF15 Registration Form
5. ARSF15 Entry Form

About ABU Radio Song Festival

The ABU Radio Song Festival is designed to uncover the best unsigned original music across Asia and the Pacific. The Festival is purposed to foster understanding, awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity that exists across the region.

The Festival aims to encourage ABU radio members to participate by sending some of the best music and songs of talented fresh young singers, which will contribute to a “Bank of Songs” under the banner of the ABU.  The objective of the activity is to discover, encourage, introduce and promote new song compositions by unknown and upcoming artistes among ABU member countries; provide an international gateway for the winning artistes to have their music heard through a pan-Asia/Pacific Song Festival and to promote greater collaboration and team work among ABU radio broadcasters.

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