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GA 2015: ABU Engineering Awards – Winners announced in Istanbul

Winners of the 2015 ABU Engineering Awards were announced this morning during  the Technical Committee meeting.

The ABU Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award was bestowed on Mr Seok Doo Kim, Executive Managing Director-Technology, Korean Broadcasting System. He won the award for strengthening the terrestrial broadcasting platform and for his contribution to next generation broadcasting development.

The ABU Engineering Industry Excellence Award went to Mr Zou Feng, President of the Academy of Broadcasting Science, People’s Republic of China. He led the research and rollout of the China Digital Radio (CDR) system since 2007.

 The winner of The ABU Developing Broadcasters’ Excellence Award is Ms Lim Soh Kwang, Superintendent Engineer and Head of Technical services of Radio Television Brunei. She is compensated for her outstanding role in setting up a digital archiving media asset management system.

The ABU Green Broadcast Engineering Award was bestowed on Radio Republik Indonesia for having used simple, low-cost technology in launching  RRIPlay, and ICT product application.

Three more awards were given in the ABU Technical Review Prizes category. The winner of The Best Article Award for 2015 is Doordarshan-India for the article titled “Experiences of Evolution of Digital Terrestrial Television in India authored by Mr M.S. Duhan

The First Commended Article Prize is awarded to Korean Broadcasting System for the article titled ‘ Real-time 3D Sign Language Avatar Animation from DTV Closed Captions authored by Juhyun Oh, Byungsun Kim, Kisung Yang and Sungchoon Park.

The Second Commended Article Prize went to Korean Broadcasting Service for the article titled “ Terrestrial 4K UHD Live Broadcasting  of Sports Events authored by Injoon Cho, Byungsun Kim, Sangjin Hahm, Sanghun Kin and Sungho Jeon.