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2015 ABU Engineering Awards


The prestigious ABU Broadcast Engineering Excellence and the ABU Engineering Industry Excellence Awards were awarded to Mr Seok Doo, KIM, Executive Managing Director, Technology, Korean Broadcasting System and Mr Zou Feng, President of the Academy of Broadcasting Science, People’s Republic of China respectively.


Both recipients have made significant contributions to their organisations and to the development of broadcasting in the region. The Green Broadcast Engineering Award was awarded to Radio Republik Indonesia. KOBA of Korea has again sponsored this year’s ABU Green Broadcast Engineering Award. Other recipients are:



The winner of the ABU Developing Broadcasters’ Excellence Award is Ms Lim Soh Kwang of radio Television Brunei.

The Best Article Award was bestowed on Mr S. Duhan of Doordarshan-India. The First and Second Commended Article Prizes went to KBS-Korea.