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ABU participated in the WorldDAB General Assembly 2015

The General Assembly of WorldDAB opened on Tuesday, 3 November in London. WorldDAB is the global industry forum for digital radio promoting DAB, DAB+ the digital radio broadcasting standards of choice in Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond.

 ABU spoke during the opening session to an international audience of over 200 radio experts. The theme of the GA is ‘A vision for the future of radio’. During two days, two Ministers from UK and Germany emphasised their commitment to digital radio and the importance of working together to accelerate the growth of DAB in Europe.

ABU emphasised the need for hybrid radio, where broadcasting radio over the air complements by the over the broadband delivery of additional audio and multimedia content as on-demand. All subsequent speakers agreed on the vision of ABU for digital radio, especially public radio broadcasters.

ABU member CRA and NBTC made presentations on Australia and Thailand DAB+ deployments with future plans. WorldDAB is the principal sponsor for ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium DBS-2016 for the third time. The Union is also planning to organise a workshop in Bangkok next year on DAB+  in collaboration with  NBTC and WorldDAB.