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TRT-Turkey rebrands and promotes its Television Programmes in the whole world

TRT, the Turkish public broadcaster is finalising content deals with many broadcasting organisations and companies around the world.

Once Upon a Time Ottoman Empire is among a long list of TV programmes which TRT is marketing.  Other programmes include documentaries on History, Religion, Entertainment, youth, Cooking, Family such as The Poor Boy and the Rich Girl, Fikinta, Resurrection:Ertugul, The Century Old Seal and more.

Mr Mehmet Dermirhan, TRT Deputy Head of TV Department said “ We have a great library, expanding with high-quality drama, animation and documentaries. We offer a wide spectrum of content. Especially, our period dramas are top quality and dominate the market. Resurrection: Ertugrul anchored Wednesday prime time as the number one show. We are proud that this progamme has been sold to many countries, varying from Romania to Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Macedonia and Afghanistan. We are about to close deals with more territories.”